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Courage To Push Forward Through Uncertainty

Adult Counselling 

Counselling is more widely accepted today as a valuable form of help, for people in distress or with a general sense of unhappiness/discontent.

Contrary to popular perception of counselling, counselling is not about advising people but to help them recognise how they would realistically like their lives to be and then help them to achieve that aim.


Counselling is a journey of self discovery where a person can regain;

 a sense  of being in control,

of being empowered to make their own choices and decisions, 

 a sense of identity, 

of being unique,

of mattering,

& feeling connected.

I believe counselling is an opportunity for me to provide a safe, non-judgemental, compassionate space for clients to experience a professional & ethical encounter of being;







Counselling is an integral part of minding our mental health in today's fast paced, demanding society.

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