"Courage to Push Forward, Through Uncertainty"           


Adolescent Counselling 


Misneach Counselling and Psychotherapy Services strives on providing a safe & understanding space for teenagers to explore;

their thoughts,


and behaviours

               with an understanding of how difficult it is to navigate adolescence. The stage of Adolescence brings many pressures, where teenagers start to behave in ways that puzzle and concern themselves, their parents/teachers.

This can lead to a blaming and labelling cycle, which can do damage to a teenager’s psyche. It is a difficult time where conflict can arise in the home or school environment. This is a time, where teenagers assert their independence, in their attempt to individuate and form their identity.

This difficult period of transition can leave a teenager feeling isolated, lost, lonely and uncertain and become involved in unsafe and risk taking behaviours in an effort to “part of” a group or situation.

At Misneach Counselling and Psychotherapy Services we can explore difficulties in the areas of;

  • Relationship issues with parents, teachers, siblings, friends, peers, girlfriend/boyfriend

  • Alcohol and other drugs

  • Sexuality (LGBTI)

  • Bullying

  • Body Image/Self Esteem/ Confidence

  • Parental Separation/Divorce/Blending Families

  • Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Emotional)

  • Anxiety / Depression

  • Suicidal Ideation/Self Harming

  • Bereavement/Loss

  • Transitioning from other School/Country

  • Date Rape / Consent / Safe Sex

       Misneach Counselling and Psychotherapy Services works with adolescents to gain;

more awareness

insight to their issues and concerns,

to build their resilience through talk & creative therapy,

tailored to each adolescent’s need,

using evidence based researched strategies and techniques,

with open and honest communication.

This is a private and confidential service between the therapist and the adolescent. The limits of confidentiality and duty of care as per the guidlines of the code of ethics of (IACP) will be discussed in detail with each teenager with their parent/s prior to first session commencing.


Each session lasts up to 50 mins and can be booked weekly/fortnightly/monthly as per request.

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